Bennetts Lane

Bennetts Lane offers an experience like none other in this city.

The hotel will exemplify Melbourne’s hip laneway scene with an intimate late-night basement bar, a cultural boutique offering craft spirits and inspired cocktails, craft beers and select cellared wines complemented with tapas-style single serve food bites and share platters.

The hotel reflects quality in its interiors crafted by Breathe Architecture, who recently completed the award-winning and bespoke Paramount House Hotel in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills.

Guest rooms will include: free high-speed WiFi, USB connectivity, entertainment and television facilities (including movie streaming services), a mini-bar and espresso coffee maker and a guest engagement system (including virtual concierge, hotel and visitor services) and keyless digital access.

A Truly Melbourne Offering

A vibrant café welcomes guests on the ground level with 44 stylish rooms above.

AGI aim to create a local Melbourne hotel with local design, locally built for people wanting a genuine Melbourne laneway cultural experience.

In the 1860s, Bennetts Lane contained a baker and pastry cook, manufacturing and processing workshops, stables and a glass foundry. Historic buildings that housed these industries remain in Bennetts Lane today.

At the start of the 20th Century, Bennetts Lane attracted less salubrious inhabitants who were tended by a resident Salvation Army soup kitchen. Bennetts Lane emerged from the shadows in the late 20th Century as host to the celebrated Bennetts Lane Jazz Club.

And now, in the 21st Century, Bennetts Lane gives its name and culture to a brand new Melbourne-centric hotel, coffee spot and stylish basement bar.


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A Laneway Hotel

From old-fashioned café culture to vibrant street art, there’s myriad surprises in Melbourne’s secret heartland laneways. The city’s real secrets are unlocked in idiosyncratically lively laneways, winding unpredictably between the wide, ordered city streets where bullock carts hauled goods in the 19th Century.

The laneways are unique tourist attractions to Melbourne. They have enjoyed such popularity because they have formed with the evolution of the city and have become well and truly engrained.

They are the soul of the city and now new laneways are being artfully woven into the city’s more contemporary fabric.